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Vikodeck® Shield


Helping to increase naval mission capabilities

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High performance material

Working closely with Austal and the US Navy with Vikodeck® Shield to solve industry changing challenges.

Our material is approved for use in the most demanding applications with a 2 year qualification to allow V-22 operations onboard EPF class of ships. Vikodeck® Shield offers verified thermal mitigation and missile blast protection.

Read our latest project update between ourselves, Austal and the US Navy to ensure outstanding naval capabilities. 

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Vikodeck® Shield

Protecting structures and critical equipment from fire hazards is of paramount importance. Having effective and reliable surface protection is vital to ensuring on-board safety and protection of assets. 


  • Missile launch areas
  • All critical surfaces (decks, walls ceilings)
  • Thermal barrier/mitigation system for vertical take off and landing (VTOL) applications
  • Extra protection for batteries, engine boxes, escape routes

Download the Vikodeck® Shield product sheet for further specifications

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Vikodeck Jet Fire

Fire and corrosion protection for Defense applications

Fire and corrosion remain two of the greatest threats in the defense industry, concerning the safety of personnel and also the performance and longevity of expensive military equipment and technology. The drastic effects that these environmental factors can have on board naval vessels, military tanks and submarines can be irreparable, leading to unsafe environments, downtime and high costs of replacement or repair. 

To read more about our applications for defense, read our latest blog.

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